The ETA2U Foundation believes that computer literacy is a key part in the process of social integration of disadvantaged persons. Therefore, we have partnered with the CRIS-DU Association which provides computer classes for people without access to technology in order to develop their IT skills and increase their employments chances.

The ETA2U Foundation aims to become an interface for the ITC sector by promoting technology transfer to the community in a sustainable way. This goal is achieved through the platform provided by the IT Congress, the most important multi-brand event in the ITC industry in the western region of Romania, gathering every year in Timisoara the most important players in the sector. Over two-day event, the 1,000 participants can choose to attend over 60 thematic presentations. The event helps our foundation in establishing partnerships and links between the business sector and the community in order to enable the knowledge transfer for the benefit of the community.

Dear partners,

With great joy, we would like to share with you the first big project of the ETA2U Foundation.

Launched on 12 December 2019, Air for Bucharest primarily aims to inform the residents of Bucharest about the pollution levels in the city by creating an infrastructure consisting of a number of specialized sensors located in various places citywide. The sensors will monitor and analyze the air quality, while the data gathered will be published on an online platform accessible to the public.

One of the clearly outlined directions of the ETA2U Foundation is the promotion of a healthy environment. In this aspect, Romania is not doing well because its urban environments are the most populated in Europe. We believe that by using technology in an innovative way, this situation can be improved. Thus, the aim of the "Green Code for Bucharest" project is to implement a technical infrastructure that aims to record air quality data in Bucharest in real time. Within the same project will be carried out 4 campaigns for information, awareness and education of the population. Project developed in partnership with the IKEA Fund, Bucharest Community Foundation and the Ecopolis Association and will last 18 months.

One of the basic rights of any human being is the possibility to grow and live in a healthy environment. The quality of air influences greatly the state of population’s health. An initiative of the ETA2U Foundation, the project aims to build the infrastructure necessary for measuring the air quality across Timisoara, in partnership with COLTERM. 

Chemistry is a discipline towards which students show low interest. In order to change this perspective, the anorganic chemistry competition is organized with the aim of stimulating and rewarding students' interest in chemistry and proposes a theme in the field of general and anorganic chemistry. The Anorganic Chemistry Competition Veronica Chiriac was launched in 2006 as a tribute to Prof. Univ. Dr. Eng. Veronica Chiriac (1944-2004) who for four decades dedicated herself, with commitment and passion, competence and gratitude, to the professional training of many generations of students for the study of chemistry.

A symbol of freedom and free-thinking, #Liberty Marathon carries on the idea of ​​"Freedom" instilled by the first free city in Romania, Timisoara. Symbol of individual freedom and of the choices which make us unique, Timisoara marathon starts off with the slogan "Running Starts Inside". The first fight is with the mind. The event aims to become not only a mass sports event, but also a moment of celebration for the city. The vision for 2021 is that the Liberty Marathon will become an international reference event for lovers of this sport.


„Creative Timișoara” initiative aims to encourage entrepreneurship and social engagement among the youth for the benefit of our community and our city. We believe this can be facilitated through innovative IT-based solutions, efficient evaluation of the resources within the community and a good networking with the local authorities. The ETA2U Foundation played a key role in this project, being part of the judging panel, as well as offering special prizes.

The ETA2U Foundation supports excellence in the disciplines specific to STEM. Excellence is achieved through long-term investment. Once acquired, excellence will generate innovation.

The National Mathematics Olympiad, 68th edition, took place in Timişoara between 19 and 23 April 2017. The ETA2U Foundation was among the local partners who supported the event and helped its organization at a high standard.

The National Chemistry Camp, 13th edition, took place between 2 and 9 September 2017 and brought together 81 students from 25 counties, 26 teachers together with 15 academics.