The ETA2U FOUNDATION is an organization with strong local roots, aspiring for its impact to reach beyond the local community.

The foundation bears the same name as the IT company which was founded in the early 1990s in Timișoara. The company’s founders have also inspired the mission, vision and objectives of the foundation.

First and foremost, the ETA2U FOUNDATION puts people at its centre aiming to empower them through EDUCATION, enhance the quality of their life through INNOVATION, and support projects from various fields which bring a positive TRANSFORMATION in the community.

The foundation aims to discover the opportunities which can generate lasting transformation within communities, driven by people’s engagement in a lifelong education process, by technological know-how transfer in the community through innovation, and by diverse projects which bring about a transformational effect at local and national level.

We believe long-lasting changes do not come over night, but through offering an opportunity to each individual to discover their purpose through education, convert their accumulated knowledge into innovation and transform the community through their shared experiences. Empowered communities can emerge only if their members inspire and encourage each other.

While the mission, the vision and the objectives of the ETA2U Foundation draw on the company’s values, we have turned to our most valuable asset - the people, to define the initial programmes of the foundation. We have run a survey among the ETA2U employees in order to find out which are their main interests, concerns about the community and how they want to get involved to make a difference for themselves, their families and their city.

The ETA2U Foundation is dedicated to working with all people committed to improving our communities and to civic engagement as a means to enhance the quality of life for all who live in, work in, and love Timisoara and Timis County. Afterwards, we will replicate the successful projects implemented at the local level in other cities or at national level.

We seek to unlock opportunities which improve people’s lives through education, make our cities more people-centred through innovation and transform our communities. 

We aim to generate lasting transformation within our local and regional communities driven by people’s involvement, through both the efficient use of the local resources and technological innovation.