Chemistry is a discipline towards which students show low interest. In order to change this perspective, the anorganic chemistry competition is organized with the aim of stimulating and rewarding students' interest in chemistry and proposes a theme in the field of general and anorganic chemistry. The Anorganic Chemistry Competition Veronica Chiriac was launched in 2006 as a tribute to Prof. Univ. Dr. Eng. Veronica Chiriac (1944-2004) who for four decades dedicated herself, with commitment and passion, competence and gratitude, to the professional training of many generations of students for the study of chemistry.

A symbol of freedom and free-thinking, #Liberty Marathon carries on the idea of ​​"Freedom" instilled by the first free city in Romania, Timisoara. Symbol of individual freedom and of the choices which make us unique, Timisoara marathon starts off with the slogan "Running Starts Inside". The first fight is with the mind. The event aims to become not only a mass sports event, but also a moment of celebration for the city. The vision for 2021 is that the Liberty Marathon will become an international reference event for lovers of this sport.