The ETA2U Foundation has joined forces with the West University of Timisoara in order to award academic excellence as the engine of innovation in society. The Awards Gala recognizes the contribution to the development of disciplines such as: natural sciences, mathematics and computer sciences, social and political science, law and economics, humanities, arts and sport.

The U21 World Dance Championship is designed as an event promoting dance both as a recreational activity for harmonious development for children, young people and adults, as well as the performance side of this sport at national, European and world level. Through this event, dance becomes not only a sports event, but also a reason of celebration for Timisoara.

No one can build the future without valuing the past. Architectural heritage is an important component of the past. Thus, the ETA2U Foundation joined the REcult Association, which runs the cultural project "About the Earth. People and their homes in Banat " as a campaign to raise awareness of the potential of rural houses built from the mud.

The Festival of Film and Histories was born out of the desire to bring into focus an important chapter of local and world cinema, but also out of the need to generate debates in the public sector on themes whose temporal impact exceeds the ephemeral moment. Thus, the festival has developed over time four program directions that coincide with the ETA2U Foundation's key interests: debate, education, music and documentary.

JCI is one of the most important NGOs, with over 100 affiliated organizations, numbering more than 200,000 members, aged 18-40 year-olds, with subsidiaries in over 5,000 local communities worldwide. Given that JCI's mission is to seek solutions to problems in our communities with the aim of building a better world and thus, create a global impact, this fits well with the ETA2U Foundation’s mission. Through this partnership, we want to mobilize and involve the younger generation fromTimișoaraand the region.

Designed by the New Strategy Center along with its partners and with co-sponsorship from the NATO-PDD, the ‘Black Sea and Balkans Security Forum’ is envisaged as an annual framework to strengthen and develop networks between security analysts, decision makers, academics and media representatives based in these regions of strategic importance to the Euro-Atlantic security.

„An edelweiss for a hot meal” is a fundraising campaign at grass-root level organized by the Hategan Foundation for the benefit of the 600 children in need registered in the social integration and educational projects of the United Way Foundation. The concept is very simple: in exchange of a 10 lei donation, the donor receives an edelweiss lapel pin which represents the symbol of generosity in our community. The pin distribution is done through the local companies and ETA2U Foundation joined the campaign as distribution partner.

Promoting the local and regional values can help build a stronger sense of belonging and identity of the local community. Therefore, the ETA2U Foundation considers imperative to foster the values specific to our local communities and region and promote them at national and international level. A community which acknowledges the leaders in various fields is a strong community.

Improving the quality of life in the local community also means offering access to diverse cultural and artistic events of high caliber. Art Encounters is the largest biennial of contemporary art in Romania, gathering local and national artists, alongside artists of international level. The ETA2U Foundation was among the local partners who joined the organizers of the event in promoting excellence in art.

International Symposium on Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms for Scientific Computing (SYNASC) is an annual conference that aims to stimulate the interaction between the two scientific communities of symbolic and numeric computing and to exhibit interesting applications of these two disciplines both in theory and in practice.